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locality D+SGN was created by designer, Matt Gillespie, as his passion for helping independent businesses was discovered while operating locality productions. locality productions began in 2004 as a way to promote independent fashion designers in Denver. With the growing demand for wearable art and the ever-growing supply of amazing talent, Matt started the locality fashion show with his friends. The shows were an instant success as the masses came out to check out the hottest fashions from the hottest local fashion designers. The show began to evolve and local musicians started collaborating with Matt to create the live soundtrack to the locality fashion shows.

In 2008, Matt began to focus on locality D+SGN. locality D+SGN offers the spectrum of creative services to independent companies and small business owners. Whether you need a simple logo to be the voice of your company or you need the works, locality D+SGN has the solutions. Matt has developed a close circuit of talented designers that can accomplish any task under his professional art direction.